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2nd Bodhi Saptah to trace contours of a Gujarat Buddhist Circuit from Sept 17-23

2nd Bodhi Saptah to trace contours of a Gujarat Buddhist Circuit from Sept 17-23

The 2nd edition of the International Buddhist Conference or the Bodhi Saptahis ready to start a discourse on assigning Gujarat’s imminent place in the International Buddhist Circuit at Mahatma Mandir. From September 17—23, 2017, led by the Sangha Kaya Foundation, the path to world peace will be unlocked along with an evolution of a rich and vibrant Buddhist heritage of Gujarat.  It will be perhaps one of the largest international congregations aimed at establishing an annual global art and cultural festival themed on contemporary Buddhism.

Yangoon will be the theme city. Around 100 foreign delegates of
artists, scholars and state representatives, 200 Buddhist monks and
other spiritual gurus, 5 collaborative performances by Indian and
International artists will make it a grand event. A lasting collaboration will be fostered with some of the major Buddhist
countries around the globe. Sanghkaya Foundation is a non-profit
organization which is devoted to the service of mankind based on
universal compassion as expounded by Gautama Buddha. The Foundation was established in the year 2011 and currently Gujarat chapter is taken care by Bhante PrashilRatna past seven years.

“With the purpose to invoke the long elapsed linkage between Gujarat and Buddhism we intend to organize Second International Buddhist Conference of Gujarat State in Gandhinagar. The relevance of recently unveiled Buddhist Heritage sites of Gujarat which clearly speaks of the profound Buddhist and Asokan legacy, if accurately exhibited along with the international Buddhist Community will unquestionably enhance the uncharted cultural and spiritual Tourism in Gujarat by drawing the attention of pious Pilgrims from South, South-East Asia, Far East etc.

This again contributes in already established and rich culture of
Gujarat, rather enhancing it and also adds on and creates new vertical of job opportunities for the unskilled and semi skilled people of the state” said BhantePrashilGautam, President, Sangha Kaya Foundation.

“The essentials mentioned above, very much indicate the vibrant
Buddhist Heritage of Gujarat and it is high time that we initiate
displaying the Buddhist linkage with Gujarat on priority.We are
striving to position Gujarat as an important destination for spiritual, art and cultural tourism among East Asian countries. On inaugural day, we will together trace the relevance of Indic religions in the contemporary world and donate chivers to 100 Bikhkhus. Our
objective is to build awareness about the Buddhist philosophy and
promote Gujarat’s Buddhist heritage,” he further added.

An international convocation on Day 2 will navigate through the
diverse strands of Buddhism and its prospective role in resolving
critical issues of the world. Seminars on compassionate capitalism,
the journey of Buddha, Ashoka, Chinese travelers and Dr. Ambedkar in Gujarat and aspects of contemporary Buddhism promises to enrich the knowledge base.

Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia, Mongolia, Tibet, Laos and Bhutan are the partner countries for the conference.