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Ahmedabad: girl made shocking revelations of having pushed forcibly into Sex Business in Saudi

Today in Ahmedabad one girl made shocking revelations of  having pushed forcibly into Sex Business in Saudi.

Girl in an interview to private news channel said that I was exploited by 3 women Zara, Mariam and Fatma. There is one Mumbai based lady Najma who took my interview as a Beautician. Najma was talking to Zara, Mariam and Fatma who were her friend in Saudi language and I was just noding in affirmation, as I did not know the language.

Victim girl added that initial 3 months for me in Saudi went off well but when I got Hakma, work permit in Saudi, they told me to provide Home Service. Being a lady beautician she thought that in Saudi it must a tradition to give home service offered to ladies but I later realised that it was a service given to male.

When I refused to do it. I was beaten by pushing my head into wall and pulling my hair.

Filipino girls working in Saudi in similar work clarified that it is not the same beauty serice she thought is given to women at home.

As per source.