rupani blames of hurdles by congress on narmada water
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Congress making hurdles in Narmada water distribution blames Vijay Rupani

Amid rising tension with Congress led Madhya Pradesh government over sharing of Narmada water, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today alleged that his counter part in the neighboring state Kamalnath and minister for Tourism Department and Narmada Valley Development Department Surendra Singh Baghel alias Honey Singh were issuing ultimatum to stop the supply of water with politically motive.

Affected people in low-lying area of Narmada basin have been given with compensation of Rs 500 crores by government clarified Vijay Rupani to media.

The Congress government has made a childish statement with complete lack of information and always trying to create obstacles.

It is our right to fill Narmada dam, says Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani on Narmada dam issue with Madhya Pradesh. For 7 years in UPA government, we were not given permission to close the gates of dam. We know intentions of Congress.

Narmada water distribution takes place as per the 1979 award of tribunal 1979. No change can be made to it by any state involved. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan are linked to Narmada Control Authority (NCA) which was formed by the central government as per the order by Supreme Court which was very clear, that no change can be done in water distribution pattern upto 2022. If there is anything to rethink, discussion takes place in meeting of NCA and decision is taken by NCA which includes representative of irrigation department of the centre, and representatives of four states. This mechanism is established as per the Supreme Court order. And therefore childish statements that Madhya Pradesh will not release water to Gujarat, doesn’t look good.’ ‘They allege that Gujarat is not generating power. I want to clarify that even today 250 MW power generation is taking place and Madhya Pradesh gets 57% share of power generated even today. It is no true that power generation is not taking place. Gujarat has never taken any decision unilaterally. Decision was taken in all states meeting on 15 April 2019 and we went forward as per the decision in the meeting.’ ‘We have decided to fill water upto 138.68 meter level, in case of additional inflow, we will also run riverbed power station. But filling water upto highest 138 meter level is essential for testing purpose in order to ensure safety. Last year there was insufficient inflow. 16% share of power generated belongs to Gujarat also, but in order to prioritize safety, water storage upto 138 meter and thereby testing of dam’s full capacity is essential.’ ‘Involved states are cooperating each other for last many years in good atmosphere.