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Dhanuka Agritech launches D-ONE for cotton crop protection in India

A revolutionary Agro product first time in India

With a promise of providing world class agro solutions to the cotton farmers in the country, Dhanuka Agritech limited, one of India’s leading Agro chemical Formulations Company, today launched its much awaited insecticide- D-ONE in.D-ONEoffers excellent control of important sucking pest of the Cotton crop such as Jassids, Aphids and Mealy bugs which leads to better crop health and better yields. D-ONE has been launched in India for the first time by Dhanuka Agritech Limited. The eco-friendly product will also help in improving the overall crop health and hence productivity in terms of profitability of farmers.

A one of its kind product, D-ONE works through Contact, translaminar and systemic action, it leads to faster action and superior control of target insects. The product is to be applied between 40-70 days after sowing and is safe to use as per the recommended dosages.

Commenting during the launch function at Vadodara and Himmatnagarabout the new product, Mr.Pramod Kanaodia said, “Dhanuka Agritech Limited has always been at the forefront of providing new, innovative and world class crop protection solutions to the farmers. Our new product, D-ONE is not just an insecticide, but a guarantee to the farmer’s prosperity. Looking at the growing demand of Cotton in India, we developed D-ONE, which will help increase the yield.

The product will soon be available through a wide network of dealers and distributors. The company has ambitious plans to market the new product through its promotional activities.