hardik patel calls dirty politics on viral video
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Hardik Patel cries foul on viral video of him

Hardik Patel cries foul on viral video of him

Hardik Patel Patidar leader  ‘s viral video leak has resulted in huge political furore. Twitterati have been left polarised following the leak with some supporting Patel and other slamming the leader. Patel slammed BJP for indulging in dirty politics.   Hardik has been in a big controversy after two sex videos allegedly featuring him which has gone viral.

The Videos were released ahead of Gujarat Assembly Election.
Hardik held a press conference later and said he will find out the fact and get back on 16th November.

Hardik Patel calls ‘dirty politics’ on alleged viral video before Election

Today Hardik Patel Patidar leader sharply reacted on the Video that has gone viral with a girl.

Hardik called the act as a cheap tactic of BJP to defame him. It is a beginning of dirty politics, such allegations will keep happening. The person who has given video has gone Delhi BJP and joined the BJP party. He added that this is a morphed video prepared in Bangkok.

It is election time, so such videos are expected. They are expert of preparing such videos. Earlier Sex CD of Sanjay Joshi RSS canvasser, Naliya Scam and Mandvi scam are a few episodes made by them. Sanjay Joshi ‘s Sex CD came out when he was emerging as a strong leader. Joshi could not raise his head thereafter in state. Such incidents leads me to a mature leader. Now when situation is improving so in 2017 again they have made video. They make and send CD to people. I have learnt that a message from Kamalam ws sent that after 3 pm, effigy of Hardik to be burnt.

They have a business to spy women, make CD. Women of Gujarat should get alerted and take serious note of mischief done with morphed video of women in Gujarat and insulted Nari Shakti. To retain their power they have made women instrumental. It will so happen that some women will threatened or pressurized to admit about it.

I am working for my community and that is why I am opposed. They could have dared to oppose me politically.

The video was to come out when Rupani made statement about Ahmed Patel on ISIS terrorists from hospital of Bharuch. Some people stopped them, so now this video has come out now.

Now they cannot go to public. They cannot to publicity.

BJP is not going to get more than 50 seats in Gujarat Assembly Election.

On web portal it was spread that, more than 100 videos were made from Bangkok.

I will check the video and reply media after my return from Kadi added Hardik.

I dare to accept whatever I do. My language is bitter and talk straight.

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil called cheap politics by BJP while reacting on Hardik Patel’s viral video.

Make my similar video challenged Ashwin Sakadsariya to Hardik Patel , if his video is fake feels Hardik.

Ashwin is said to be close to BJP top leaders.

Hardik Patel Patidar leader in a press conference called “Hu Mard Chhu”.

Hardik Patel refuses police security, says BJP wants to track my movements

Today Patidar leader Hardik Patel denied to take security offered by Gujarat government, calling it as  Spying on me for whom I am meeting and who comes to meet me.

Hardik added when I am not certain where will eat, how to I feed 6-7 people moving with me for my security. If they want to give me protection they can come with me in a separate vehicle. It is the trap in which government wants to catch me and watch my movements. They donot want to get defamed, if I am attacked. There is no point in sitting my car. They have gone back to their business.

When I demanded security during attack on Patidar youth. I was denied it. Now suddenly they are providing me security. It will be better if police provide security to people instead of me. I donot want security said Hardik.

Reacting on Hardik Patel’s remarks on security to him, Gujarat BJP spokesman IK Jadeja said that security to Hardik was offered as a part of standard process and based on IB report. If he is not interested in getting security, he can follow the same process.

Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani has accepted security provided to him in present political situation in the state.

Hardik Patel moves discharge plea in Ahmedabad court; next hearing on 13 November

Today in Ahmedabad, in connection with sedition charges against Patidar leader Hardik Patel next hearing is now scheduled on 13 November.

Chirag Patel and Dinesh Bambhaniya appeared in Sessions court. Hardik could not appear before court  for personal reasons.

Hardik Patel had moved discharge plea in Ahmedabad court in sedition case.

No plans to enter politics says Hardik Patel

Today Hardik Patel Patidar leader while talking to media said that I donot have any political plan for upcoming 2.5 years. He also clarified that till 6th or 7th the issue of Patidar demand for raising quota will be resolved.

We are exploring, constitutionally possible option to the issue. Where government is in position to raise the quota limit or add us in the list of reserved category.

Hardik was in Surat to appear before court in sedition charges.

Luckily, Rahulji is in Gujarat and I also had to come to city.

Election of Chief Minister will be done by 6 crore people of Gujarat and this time he will be a farmer.

Hardik criticised on PM Modi during his recent visit to Akshardham.

Patidar leader Hardik Patel granted bail on a Rs 5000 bond by Visnagar court

Today  Visnagar Session Court has released Patidar leader Hardik Patel on Rs 5,000 conditional bond bail over vandalism in BJP MLA Rishikesh Patel’s Office during Patidar quota agitation. he assured to co-operate with judicial process.

There are cases pending against Hardik in Ahmedabad Court.

Non-bailable warrant against Hardik Patel in 2015 case for vandalising BJP MLA office

Today Visnagar Session Court issues non bailable arrest warrant against Hardik Patel and and six others including Lalji Patel over vandalism in BJP MLA Rishikesh Patel’s Office during Patidar quota agitation.

Gujarat politics is heating up and after prolong fight by Patidars over quota agitation.

Support from Hardik Patel and Patidars would play a major role in any political party retaining or regainging power in upcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017. Even today dates for Gujarat Assembly Elections are announced.

Recently, Hardik Patel met Congress leaders during visit of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to Gujarat.

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