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Jackie:”Aaya To Tha Villain Banne Magar Hero Ban Gaya” in Ahmedabad

Jackie in Ahmd-1

Recently, Bollywood’s Jackie Dada visited Ahmedabad on Valentine’s Day. While talking to Gujaratheadline, Jackie shared some of his frank opinions, Jackie said Badha Divas Valentine Day Hova Joieye. All days you should have love and not just one day. You should love your wife, girlfriend, family, mother father everyone, replied Jackie. Love should be unconditional.

Talking about his roles, Jackie said, there is positive or negative role, it should have strength and not length.

On asking about whether, he will work with his son Tiger, he said certainly will work with Tiger as his father,brother or even opposite to him and also will try to dance with him.

About Fashion, Jackie feels that whatever I like and wear is a style for me. It is a simplicty said Jackie to Gujaratheadline.

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