muslim woman attempt suicide in ahmedabad
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Muslim Woman Attempts Suicide in Ahmedabad on next day of Triple Talaq Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha

Today Muslim Woman in Ahmedabad attempted to end up herself, after her husband divorced her by the triple talaq practice. The woman has survived and currently undergoing medical treatment in Ahmedabad hospital. The triple talaq victim, the mother of two, has lodged a police complaint against her husband as well as in-laws. Recently Triple Talaq Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha with 99 versus 84 votes. This comes a day after the Triple Talaq Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

Of 180 lawmakers who participated in the votings, 99 voted in favour while 84 MPs voted against the Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Act, 2019. The bill will be sent to the President of India for his agreement. Once approved as a law, the bill would make triple talaq a criminal offence. It would prescribe a jail term of three years from any Muslim man who divorces through triple talaq.

As per family of victim, her husband used to frequently demand for money from her in-laws otherwise used to beat her. He gave triple talaq to victim lady residing in Karanj area. her marriage took place before 5 years. Family alleged that their son-in-law was demanding money to pay EMI for his flat. His father-in-law had paid Rs 2.50 lakh for flat.

Victim lady tried to end up herself by pouring kerosene on herself.

As per police, husband only gave threat to wife to give triple talaq and did not actually give talaq.


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