Tribute to killing of Amarnath Yatra pilgrims in Ahmedabad

Today in Ahmedabad, protest against killing in terror attack at Anantnag of innocent pilgrims at Amarnath Yatra had widespread echo.

Near Siddi Sayed Mosque in Lal Darwaja area, a group of Muslim people including Congress leaders Gyasuddin Shaikh and Baddruddin Shaikh protested using banners against terror attack.

amarnath yatra tribute 2

amarnath yatra tribute to pilgrims killed in Ahmedabad

School girls in the city joined protest by observing silence and paying tribute to the pilgrims killed in Anantmag using placards.

Also, protest  in Kutch was made , by agitated mob burning Pakistan flag and ablaze Pakistani effigies.

amarnath yatra tribute 3

amarnath yatra tribute to pilgrims killed in Ahmedabad

In Vadodara, Shivsena workers torched Pakistan effigy & chanted slogans against attack on Amarnath Yatra pilgrims.

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