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Actor Sanjay Dutt returns to Pune jail on completion of his parole extension

Actor Sanjay Dutt (55) will head back to Yerawada jail in Pune on Saturday morning as his extended parole ends on Friday. Dutt did not seek any further extension as he has exhausted his two legally permissible 30-day extensions under the prisons rules.The Supreme Court had upheld Dutt’s conviction under the Arms Act in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and reduced an original six-year sentence to five. After surrendering in May 2013, since he had been out on bail, Dutt was out within four months on a month-long furlough in October. He returned to jail only to be granted parole on December 6, 2013, on the grounds that his wife Manyata (37) was unwell and needed medical care. However, he furnished his Rs 5,000 surety only on December 20, 2013, when the winter state assembly session ended and walked out of prison. Manyata was hospitalized in January, after she complained of lung complications and doctors removed water from her lungs.

The actor has since sought two parole extensions, which ended on Friday. Manyata is back at their Bandra residence and though her health is stable, she continues to be under medical treatment at home, said sources close to the family.The actor’s frequent release from prison had prompted a city lawyer to file a PIL last month raising the issue of uniform application of parole and furlough rules to all prisoners and to stop its discretionary misuse. The Bombay High Court on February 25 ordered the state to set up a committee headed by Chief Secretary to suggest changes to the prison leave rules and screening process after observing that ‘diligence’ shown in Dutt’s case could be shown to others as well.”The PIL addresses larger issues regarding reforms in rules of furlough and parole,” the HC said observing how in many case it had to direct grant of parole in genuine cases.

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