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Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne files divorce suit in Bandra Court

Bollywood magic and dancing superstar Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne have filed a divorce suit in Bandra Court. The couple had been separated on mutual consent in last December. With their divorce petition 13-years marriage life will come to an end. Couple have two kids Hrehaan and Hridaan, they attribute reason of divorce as individual choices.They got married on December 20, 2000. Both Hrithik and Sussanne have gracefully parted ways and seem to have no animosity towards each other.

After making their separation public last year, Hrithik took to his Facebook page to write. “This is my greatest tribute to love. Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for the rest of my life.”He added, “If her smiles are brighter without me, my love for her must accomplish that. Unconditional.”Susaanne too issued a statement that read: We are two individuals who respect and care for each other and have made our own individual choices.“We are parents of two wonderful kids and our responsibility remains to protect and take care of them. Nothing can change that. “Thank you for your warmth and concern for both of us and the family,” Sussanne stated.

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