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Congress has conceded defeat:Sushma Swaraj,BJP

The BJP in its political resolution adopted at the national council meeting here said that the Congress’ refusal to name its prime ministerial candidate was an act of flight from the poll battlefield, and an indirect admission of defeat.Moving the resolution, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj in her brief and matter-of-fact speech said that the situation in the country was favourable to the BJP, and that after the victories in the recently held assembly elections, the morale of the party workers was high. In contrast, the Congress workers were dispirited and in despair.She said the BJP had declared Narendra Modi as it prime ministerial candidate, but the Congress argument that only its MPs select the prime minister does not hold water. She pointed out that with Manmohan Singh out of the race, it was clear that the Congress is afraid and that is why it has refused to name the PM candidate.She said that in Rajasthan assembly elections, the Congress failed to win the votes of Scheduled Tribes (STs) and minorities. The BJP had on the other hand won majority of the ST seats and of the four Muslim candidates the party fielded two had won.

She took exception to prime minister Manmohan Singh’s remark that it was because of the CAG and CVC that economic growth was affected, and said that the Congress rule contributed to the erosion of institutions.Referring to the grave situation in Assam in the context of internal security, she recalled Manmohan Singh telling then home minister LK Advani that Hindus who come from Bangladesh should be treated as refugees because they are coming across the border to escape persecution, and the others should be treated as infiltrators. She said that Singh forgot his own counsel during his own government’s time.She invoked the motto Satyameva Jayate, which was one of the issues in the political resolution, which showcased the Modi case. She said that Modi had emerged triumphed after the court had thrown out the protest petition against him in the Ahsan Jaffri case and that the special investigation team set up by the Supreme Court also found no evidence against him. She praised Modi for remaining unperturbed through 12 years of allegations and charges heaped on him, and said that was the sign of a good leader who does his work despite a hostile environment.Former party president M.Venkaiah Naidu came up with his one-liners while seconding the political resolution. He mocked the Congress saying that in 2004 the party’s motto was ‘Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath” and that in 2014 the motto was “Congress ka haath AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) ke saath”. He also emphasised Modi’s 3-D impact, specifying that Modi has dynamism, decisiveness and that he is development-oriented.

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