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Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations all around with great festivity

News by Darshana Jamindar

Getting idol of lord Ganesh and worshipping with great festivity is vey common in Maharashtrian community in Maharashtra and other states. As per Hindu Calender, it marks begining of Ganesh Chaturthi. A festival to worship lord Ganesh, sing his songs,bhajans,chant his slogans and get Ganesh’s blessing. During Ganesh festival prasad of Modak is very famous. It is celebrated in almost every Maharashtrian family. Now a days, Gujarati  families also get lord Ganesh idol and worship Ganesh. It is a very big festival in Maharashtra. Many film stars celebrated Ganesh festival. during this days lots of lighting, music, decoration , programs and competition takes place. Lord Ganesh is the first god worshipped on any occasion.

The ten-day long Ganesh festival kicked off with zeal and fervour across Maharashtra with lakhs of devotees queueing up outside temples to offer prayers to the elephant-headed deity.

Scores of people thronged the famous Siddhivinayak temple in South Mumbai to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings amid chants of “Ganpati bappa morya” offering ‘modaks’ as prasad.

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