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Gujarat snooping case:No judge found yet to head enquiry commission

Govt approached few judges who turned down ‘highly political’ case. Nearly a month after it announced a probe into the snooping scandal allegedly involving Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the central government has failed to name the retired judge who will head the judicial commission to go into the charges. Official sources said the government had approached a few judges to take up the assignment, but all of them turned down the offer describing the case as “highly political”.

As the Lok Sabha election is approaching and Modi is BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, the sources said, government so far has not find any judge who is willing to head the judicial commission of inquiry to go into the charges. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has denied that no judge is willing to head the inquiry but admitted “some problems” in announcing the name. On January 10, Shinde had announced that a judge to head the commission will be announced “within a day or two”. But even after nine days of his statement, no announcement has been made.

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