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‘Modi taste’ throught 1,000 Tea Stalls in Gujarat

BJP has decided to set up about 1,000 tea stalls in the name of Chief Minister Narendra Modi across the 182 assembly constituencies ahead of polls. Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s detractors would not have thought that their inadvertent jibe to call him a tea vendor will yield the BJP a strategy to promote ‘Brand Modi’. Taking the dig in its stride, the party has decided to set up about 1,000 tea stalls in the name of Modi across the state. The step, in the run up to Lok Sabha elections, is being viewed as the party’s master plan to make Modi a topic of discussion at kitlis.“The chief minister would set up a tea stall in Gandhinagar on February 5. He would then launch a campaign to set up tea stalls across the 182 assembly constituencies. Every constituency will have five tea stalls,” said a source. According to the plan, many existing tea stalls would be converted into ‘Modi tea stalls’, while at certain places new stalls would be set up. “Interestingly, all the expenses will be borne by Modi fans.

A new stall would cost anything between Rs 2,000 to Rs 30,000,” he said. BJP spokesperson Vijay Rupani said, “We are planning Modi tea stalls in every nook and corner of the state. But we will be able to share the details only after a discussion at a higher level meeting.” Backed by the state government, the ‘Modi tea drive’ will see active participation of ministers who will oversee the setting up of tea stalls.A state junior minister from Saurashtra said, “I will encourage people to start NaMo tea stalls in my constituency. This will boost the prospects of the BJP in the polls.” Tea stalls are a meeting point. BJP leaders will invite people for tea parties to NaMo stalls. The plan could work well as kitli culture is popular in the state, the source said.

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