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Narendra Modi writes to Prime Minister on Communal violence bill as ill-conceived

Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Thursday opposed the communal violence bill terming it as “ill-conceived, poorly drafted and a recipe for disaster.”The bill has earlier been strongly opposed by chief ministers of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.Calling the timing of communal violence bill “suspicious”, Modi said that “political considerations and votebank politics rather than genuine concerns are guiding it.””Communal violence bill is in clear violation of India’s federal structure. Centre is busy forming laws on matters that are in the State List,” he tweeted. “If a Legislation has to be implemented by the states, should it not be legislated by the States?” Modi questioned.
Modi said that if implemented, the communal violence bill would fragment society, increase violence and will have results opposite of the stated objective.”Urged PM to seek wider consultation with the states and various stakeholders of the Bill before proceeding any further on a bill like this,” he tweeted.The communal violence bill aims at protecting minorities from targeted attacks.The bill proposes to impose duties on the Centre and state governments and their officers to exercise their powers in an impartial and non-discriminatory manner to prevent and control targeted violence, including mass violence against religious or linguistic minorities, SCs and STs.The bill also proposes constitution of a body – National Authority for Communal Harmony, Justice and Reparation – by the Centre to exercise the powers and perform the functions assigned to it under this Act.


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