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Rahul Gandhi:”India do not need a watchman” in Balasinor,Gujarat

“Opposition should read atleast something about Sardar Patel before building the statue,” says Rahul Gandhi. “The very people who are making a statue of Sardar Patel, are the ones who were protesting when Ahmedabad airport was being named after Patelji,” he accuses. “In fact, BJP says that they want to wipe out Congress, but Congress was made by leaders like Sardar Patel, Gandhiji. How can they want to do away with that same organisation?””It was Sardar Patel who said that the RSS ideology is poisonous and can destroy the very soul of India,” he adds. Further he adds, “BJP does not have an ideology, no revolutionary ideas. They just have anger and they make one fight with another.”
BJP opposed computerisation earlier and now they try to take credit for it, he says. “Don’t be surprised if after 10 years these BJP leaders start claiming that they brought MNREGA,” he says.”Amul was made successful by the women of Gujarat,” he praises. “But now, lakhs of acres are being snatched away from the poor and being given to industrialists,” he adds. “Gujarat is only shining for 10-15 industrialists.”Taking a jibe at Narendra Modi’s comment he says, “India does not need a watchman.” “Children are dying, there is malnutrition and they claim Gujarat is shining,” he continues. “Those who are above BPL but below the middle class, we aim to bring them to the middle class,” he promises.”Netas should go to the people and listen, understand them, not give speeches,” he says “But the BJP only talk about what they’ve done and what they want to do.. they don’t listen.””For the last 10 years, UPA has listened to the voice of the people.”

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