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New Year’s Special Brunch at The Leela Gandhinagar

With multi-food theme cuisines including Moroccan, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and American barbecue, Citrus Junction will be dressed up to offer the most elaborate food menu of Gandhinagar city. A Live Band will be playing modern Bollywood songs to make the brunch experience lively. Indoor activities for children will also be a part of the experience. […]

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ITC Narmada launches Gourmet Couch bringing delectable cuisine right to your doorstep

Gourmet Couch will bridge the gap between home celebrations and amedley of flavourful cuisines from world-class kitchens Customers will be able to order for Gourmet Couch using the ITC Hotels App Ahmedabad, November 29, 2022: ITC Narmada, a Luxury Collection property of ITC Hotels Limited in Ahmedabad is all set to offer you the best […]

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ITC Narmada hosts Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony with culinary enthusiasts of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, November 25, 2022: The frills, wreaths, trees and decorations are being prepared to be put up, there’s a pleasant nip in the air and the smell of freshly baked cake and confectionary samples wafting through the air. Ringing in the Christmas-New Year festivities, ITC Narmada, a Luxury Collection property of ITC Hotels Limited hosted […]

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Japanese Cuisine Workshop held in Ahmedabad

Sixth Anniversary of Hyogo (Japan) & Gujarat state partnership was celebrated in Ahmedabad. Poorvi Sandip Shah of Japan was Expert of Japanese Vegetarian cuisine at AMA Ahmedabad Management Association on 12 Nov 2022. She prepared dishes Okonomiyaki, Onigiris and Yakisoba with help of Ms. Ari Miyake, Ms. Kayoko Sasagawa, Ms. Naho Komiya & Ms. Ayana […]

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ITC Narmada serving a specially-curated midnight buffet at Adalaj Pavilion this Navratri

The lavish spread is crafted by ITC Narmada’s culinary experts to suit the local palate & satiate post-revelry cravings of enthusiasts Ahmedabad, September 27, 2022: This festive season, the mood and ambience is all feisty! Any festivity is truly incomplete without local, delectable food and seasonal preparations. Suiting the local palate, ITC Hotels’ luxury collection in […]

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US Consulate General Mumbai Mike Hankey enjoyed Fafda Jalebi in Ahmedabad

US Consulate General Mumbai Mike Hankey enjoyed Indian snacks and dessert Fafda Jalebi along with chutney and fried salted green chilli. US Consulate General was escorted by police during his visit to Ahmedabad. He enjoyed Indian snacks and dessert at Manek Chowk food junction in the evening. He talked to local people during the visit. […]

the pink door by parosa
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આતિથ્ય સત્કાર અને સ્વાદના અનોખા સંગમ સાથે “ધ પિંક ડોર બાય પરોસા” રેસ્ટોરંટની ત્રીજી બ્રાંચનો ઇસ્કોન ખાતે પ્રારંભ

“ધ પિંક ડોર બાય પરોસા” રેસ્ટોરંટની નવી બ્રાંચનો ઇસ્કોન ખાતે પ્રારંભ “ધ પિંક ડોર બાય પરોસા” રેસ્ટોરંટએક જ છત હેઠળ દુનિયા ભરના સ્વાદને લાવશે, જે 100 ટકા શાકાહારી છે. અમદાવાદ, 10 જુલાઇ, 2022: અમદાવાદના સ્વાદ પ્રેમી શહેરીજનોમાં “ધ પિંક ડોર બાય પરોસા” રેસ્ટોરંટ વધુ લોકપ્રિય સાબિત થઇ રહી છે. ત્યારે અમદાવાદના સ્વાદ પ્રિય શહેરીજનોની ભોજનને […]

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Most Popular Indian Dishes across the world

Traditional Indian food prepared from the same flavor foundations. Dishes vary widely between North Indian and South Indian cuisine. In Indian restaurants abroad, you’ll likely know these popular (and tasty!) Indian dishes:Aloo gobi. Crisp golden potatoes served with cauliflower. Butter chicken or murgh makhani is a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato, butter and […]

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Hyatt Ahmedabad launches signature World Cuisine menu after pandemic

Recently a Food festival with New Menu of multi-cuisines was launched at hotel Hyatt in Ahmedabad. The Menu offered Signature Dishes, Starters and Appetizers, Soups and Main Course at 5 star International Restaurant near Vastrapur lake in very vibrant, lively and a cheerful outlet. Some of the specialties from Liquid gold,including Burrata, Mrs Mage yam […]

fafda jaebi treat
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Gujaratis specially enjoy Fafda Jalebi on Dusshera

In Gujarat, it has become common to enjoy Dusshera with a combination of Salty-Sweet dish of Fafda-Jalebi. It’s an obsession of Gujaratis.  Fafda-Jalebis delicious combination, are served hot. Popular Farsan makers get busy in preparation and sale of Fafda Jalebi using special pandals. Fafda is sprinkled with pepper powder and served hot with Kadhi (curry). […]