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Must Watch Hindi movie Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra releasing on 19 July

Upcoming Hindi movie Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra is based on the events around the 2002 Godhra train fire tragedy in Gujarat, later it led to the 2002 Gujarat riots. Also how  Nanavati commission held enquiry and the report that followed in a gruesome tragedy. On the episode movie is being released featuring lead actors Manoj […]

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25th Anniversary of Sarfarosh movie in Mumbai

Lead Bollywood stars Aamir Khan and Sonali Bendre and other star cast including Makrand Deshpande, Govind Namdev, Mukesh Rushi graced star-studded 25th-anniversary celebration of the Sarfarosh movie. In Mumbai the event, was filled with nostalgia and camaraderie, honored the timeless classics enduring legacy of Bollywood cinema. All actors interacted with media and cherished sweet memories […]

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Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar visited Ahmedabad and interacted with media

Recently Minister of External Affairs of India Dr S Jaishankar visited Ahmedabad. Minister interacted with media and talked about foreign policy of BJP-NDA government, challenges faced and how PM Narendra Modi led government is dealing with it. BJP spokesman Zubin Ashara and Yamal Vyas accompanied the minister. Media talks with media representatives from Print, Electronics […]

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થાઈલેન્ડ કેક આર્ટિસ્ટ ઓપલ લિપકોર્ન દ્વારા બનાવાયેલું વડાપ્રધાન શ્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદીજીનું કેક સ્ટેચ્યુ ઈવેન્ટમા  બન્યું  શો સ્ટોપર

અમદાવાદ 18 ઓગસ્ટ 2023: અમદાવાદની ફાઈવ સ્ટાર હોટેલ રેડિશન બ્લુ ખાતે “આયના કુકરી ક્લબ અને સુગર ઈન કનેક્ટ – દેશ કા રંગ ” દ્વારા 18 ઓગસ્ટના રોજ થાઈલેન્ડના કેક આર્ટિસ્ટ શેફ ઓપલ દ્વારા આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય કેક વર્કશોપનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું. જેમાં યૂ ટ લેડી ફિગ્યુરીન સાથે આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય ફ્લાવર અરેન્જમેન્ટ્સ શીખવાડવામાં આવ્યા હતા. આ સાથે હોમ […]

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“ફુલેકું” પારિવારીક ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મના નિર્માતા આલોક શેઠ અને વિજય શાહ, સ્ટારકાસ્ટ અમિત દાસ અને મંજરી મિશ્રા અમદાવાદની મુલાકાતે

AVK ફિલ્મ પ્રસ્તુત આગામી પારિવારીક ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ “ફુલેકું” ફિલ્મના નિર્માતા અને સ્ટારકાસ્ટ આવ્યા અમદાવાદની મુલાકાતે અમદાવાદ 18 મે 2023: 09 જૂન 2023ના રોજ રિલીઝ થનાર ફિલ્મ “ફુલેકું” ના લેખક અને નિર્દેશિત ઇર્શાદ દલાલ દ્વારા બખૂબી કરવામાં આવ્યું છે, ઇર્શાદ દલાલે અન્ય ઘણી ફિલ્મનું નિર્દેશન પણ કર્યું છે. માણેકબાગ ખાતે સ્થિત નોર્થ સાઉથ કોરિડોર તેના મહેમાનોને […]

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DIVYA DARBAR of Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar Being organized during May 29-30 in Ahmedabad

Recently in Ahmedabad city, Radhika Seva Samiti held a  Pre-Announcement Press Conference of DIVYA DARBAR of Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar Being organized during May 29-30. Representatives of Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar and Radhika Seva Samiti interacted with media and briefed about their upcoming event on Dharma-Karma-Gyan-Shraddha and Bhakti during May 29 and 30. Pre Press Conference was […]

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India’s biggest linen destination ‘Linen Club’ launches an exclusive showroom at CG Road

April 11,2023 Ahmedabad Linen Club is a pioneering brand of Linen in India with over 7 decades of expertise in weaving the finest quality linen fabrics crafted with authentic flax fibres sourced from France and Belgium. Linen Club offers the widest range of designs in India and is synonymous with the finest quality linen. Linen […]

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Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web series star cast in Ahmedabad for promotion

Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ promises to be a hilarious family drama, revolving around a dysfunctional quirky Gujarati Dholakia family. With four generations living under one roof, the family has many ups and downs, often leading to comical incidents. The series promises unlimited laughs with a touch of drama and emotions. The series is directed as […]

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Sony SAB launches an iconic love story ‘Dhruv Tara- Samay Sadi Se Pare’

~ A unique romantic drama which goes beyond the boundaries of time starting20th February, Monday – Saturday, 8 PM ~ Ahmedabad, 9 February 2023:Entertaining viewers with heart-warming family shows, Sony SAB is all set to launch a unique romance drama ‘Dhruv Tara- Samay Sadi se Pare’ a love story that follows the journey of Dhruv […]

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Bhupendra Patel Gujarat CM termed Union Budget 2023 as Growth oriented Budget

Today in Gandhingara, Bhupendra Patel Gujarat Chief Minister held a press conference organized on the Union Budget 2023. CM Patel had described the budget presented yesterday by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman as a development-oriented budget that accelerates economic development, with best financial management and balances all sections and sectors of the society. Chief Minister interacted […]