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ITC Narmada brings you ‘Iftar Platter’ with handpicked offerings to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan

Culinary Experts have curated a special dinner buffet menu at the award winning signature restaurant, Peshawri Ahmedabad, April 02, 2024: Taking forward its legacy of bringing a local flavour to every celebration, ITC Narmada, a luxury collection property in Ahmedabad has curated yet another bespoke hospitality experience for its patrons to celebrate the holy month […]

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PM Modi will visit Gujarat on May 12 for Seminar of Education Department

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will visit Gujarat next month. PM Modi will visit Gujarat for one day on May 12, 2023. PM would inaugurated Seminar of Primary Education Department of Gujarat government during his visit to Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese Ahmedabad visited his […]

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આગામી સીઝન માટેના ખાસ બ્રાઇડલ પરિધાનો અને ઉનાળાના ફેશન ટ્રેન્ડસ પહોંચી ગયા અમદાવાદ

૨૭ અને ૨૮ માર્ચ દરમયાન બે દિવસીય હાઈ લાઈફ સંસ્કરણનું ફરી રજુઆત અને કેટલાક મહિલા સાહસિકોનું ખાસ સન્માન અમદાવાદ, ૨૭ માર્ચ, ૨૦૨૩ : માર્ચ મહિનો એટલે કે વુમેન્સ ડે ની ખાસ ઉજવણી કરવાના મહિનો અને એટલે જ આગામી બ્રાઇડલ અને ઉનાળા સીઝનના ફેશન ટ્રેન્ડસના સાથે સાથે બે દિવસીય હાઈ લાઈફ એક્ઝિબિશન દ્વારા કેટલાક મહિલા ઉદ્યોગસાહસિકો […]

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Shravan Month begins from today ; devotees rush for darshan

On the first day of Shravan month, at the feet of Somnath Mahadev. Devotees rush for darshan at Somnath temple. As per Hindu calender and for Indians Shravan month is considered to be very pious. Beginning of Shravan month marks beginning of Hindu festivals and celebration. Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu solar […]

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GCCI elections likely to be held between 20 to 25 September this month

GCCI Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and India elections are likely to be held between 20 to 25 September this month in Ahmedabad. Due to restrictions of 400 people gathering at a place in Covid scenario there is a difficulty of holding GCCI elections. Presently, there are 3500 members of GCCI. The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce […]

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Rapid Antigen Testing at religious places by AMC

Amid Coronavirus outbreak , AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has started rapid antigen testing at religious places including temple, derasar and mosque in Ahmedabad city. During last 3 days, 228 people including priest, temple trustees and devotees have been tested at 22 temples.  Yesterday 6 people including priest and devotees of Billeshwar Mahadev in Jodhpur area […]

Breaking News Business Headline News Top Stories launches monthly Prime membership Provides unlimited access to all program benefits for INR 129 per month

Monthly membership will allow more flexibility & accessibility starting today – Low upfront investment to get started and try all of the benefits of Prime Customers can now choose between two Prime membership plans – Annual Prime membership for INR 999 OR monthly Prime membership for INR 129 Bangalore, June 26, 2018 – Amazon India […]