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VLCC organizes #VLCCStyleStatements session in Ahmedabad

Recently in Ahmedabad, VLCC organized a unique session for all the Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers. Although VLCC is a well-known brand in India, everyone thinks it is just a slimming centre for women but VLCC hosted the #VLCCStyleStatements to exactly breaking notions that VLCC is “just” a slimming centre. VLCC takes a leap forward by venturing into Fashion and Style Industry.

VLCC has been working on their skincare and beauty services for a while now and at the #VLCCStyleStatements session.  They shared about an array of services they provide for hair, skin, and beauty to their esteem clients. They are  the first salon of its kind to bring the very famous Vampire Facial to India, by introducing a new Style concept ever.

All the Fashion bloggers and beauty enthusiasts got a chance to interact with Sushmita Verma, Category Manager-Beauty at VLCC Wellness Services. After a quick round of introduction of all the bloggers and the hosts at VLCC, they introduced everyone with all the modern and high tech facilities they are providing around the centre.

All the Lovely Ladies got an opportunity to interact with their expert team of dermatologists and hair care experts. The #VLCCStyleStatements session was particularly hosted for everyone to ask any kind of questions related to skincare, hair care, and wellness.

While each one of them got a one-to-one opportunity to chat with the Style experts, the session was  curated with beauty and spa-focused services like pedicure, manicures, foot and head massages, make up tips and nail art. Demonstrations were performed on some of the services offered at VLCC.

This event felt like a casual and well-planned hang out with bloggers of the city. The main objective of VLCC is “Transforming Lives“ the Group seeks to spark self-transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life.

Running a wellness centre especially in India can be really hard but VLCC has successfully transforming from a slimming centre to a wellness service brand for both men and women. VLCC believes in a therapeutic approach to beauty treatments where they try to identify and then understand the root cause of a problem before starting the treatment.

Their services range from weight loss, hair, dermatology and laser services. It takes a lot of pride in its non-surgical yet non-invasive treatments which is why VLCC is most preferred for its weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments.

VLCC is a Must Experience phenomena for every modern women and style diva.