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Rashtriya Rakhsa University and Arunchal Pradesh hosted visit to India-China border near Tawang

By Darshana Jamindar A journey to India-China border near Tawang by Gujarat’s leading journalists.            In second week of December 2021, Rashtriya Rakhsa University RRU Gandhinagar and Arunachal Pradesh hosted a study tour for a week to witness the facilities vis-à-vis difficulties along India-China border for Indian Army. GujaratHeadline was invited for the study tour of sensitization […]

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PM Narendra Modi Announced Boosters Doses , Vaccines For Children

New Delhi: India will start vaccinating children between the ages of 15 to 18 from January 3 next year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a sudden address to the nation tonight. Healthcare and frontline workers will be provided with “precautionary doses” from January 10 next year, he added.  People above 60 years of age who have co-morbidities […]

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Christmas festival birth of Jesus Christ celebrated all over the world

Today Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of of Jesus Christ, December 24th  is marked as Christmas Eve. Christians in India and all over the world celebrate Christmas . They offer special Christmas Eve prayers offer in Chruch. Christians greet each other with Merry Christmas greetings. They enjoy feast of cake. All around there […]

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179 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Gujarat in last 24 hours

In last 24 hours in Gujarat, 179 cases of COVID-19 have been reported, 34 people were discharged and 2 died, active cases crossed 800.Total cases: 8,29,182Total Discharge: 8,18,231Active cases: 837Total deaths: 10,113In the last 24 hours, 6 cases of Omicron variant have been registered in GujaratTotal cases: 49Total Discharge: 10Active cases: 39179 new cases of […]

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આશા અને ઉમંગ ફેલાવવા માટે વિસામો કિડ્સ ફાઉન્ડેશને એક અઠવાડિયાનું ‘બી એ વિસામો સેન્ટા’ નામનું અભિયાન શરૂ કર્યું

અમદાવાદ, 25 ડિસેમ્બર, 2021:બાળકોમાં આશા અને ઉમંગ ફેલાવવા માટે કેલોરેક્સ ગ્રૂપ દ્વારા સંચાલિત વિસામો કિડ્સ ફાઉન્ડેશને એક અઠવાડિયું ચાલનારું અભિયાન આરંભ્યું છે. વિસામો કિડ્સ ફાઉન્ડેશન એ કેલોરેક્સ ગ્રૂપ દ્વારા સ્થાપવામાં આવેલી એક સંસ્થા છે, જે વંચિત બાળકોના શિક્ષણ તથા રહેવા, જમવા અને સ્ટેશનરી સહિતના સંલગ્ન ખર્ચાઓ ઉઠાવીને તેમને સહાયરૂપ થાય છે. ‘બી એ વિસામો સેન્ટા’ […]