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First time in India, RAYO HEALTHCARE Introduces Service “Preventing Counseling Doctor at Doorstep”

MISSION: “Healthy Life; Healthy Society”

A thought of mission “Healthy Life; Healthy Society” existed to change the thought of people about connecting doctors only for illness in society. It’s believed & necessary to visit the doctor when one is unhealthy, but the most important is to Visit the Doctor when one is healthy. The voice of visits to the doctor during healthy times this awareness is most needed in today’s world. In my view, this is what Health Prevention is! Preventive Health counseling Services include Prevention counseling for chronic conditions such as Neurology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Infertility, Lungs/Asthma, Gynecology & Dermatology conditions.

VISION: Preventive Health Awareness can keep individuals & Society living a quality lifestyle/Well-being, this also helps to keep bay from Life-threatening diseases.

We Rayo Healthcare Private Limited, strive to develop the Health Prevention Concept impacting the realm of science-based healthcare for Today’s Generation and Generations to Come.

Preventive counseling healthcare services play a major role in improving lifestyle and staying healthy, whereas in India due to critical health factors, healthcare professionals are over-engaged with emergency & acute treatments. A step ahead towards prevention is raised for the people who want to live a healthy life & are seeking awareness in daily life for Dos & Don’ts impersonal. Using this Service of Preventive Doctor at Door Step for a Healthy lifestyle as prevention with intervals check-ups, diagnosis, preventive advice & education, can bay life-threatening diseases. This mission “HEALTHY LIFE; HEALTHY SOCIETY” is an association of entire Health professionals.

Post-Covid19 we all are now aware of interval check-ups of health which is necessary, adding this service may help to bay life-threatening diseases & keep an individual healthy with a quality lifestyle. Also, this service of Preventive Doctors at Door Step can be a bridge between Acute treatment & Prevention of Chronic disease in the healthcare sector.

Most important this service is not an Online Healthcare Service, this Service “Preventive Doctor at Doorstep” is an Offline service (physical attendance) that includes intervals check-ups, diagnosis, prevention advice & educating the patients impersonal for dos & don’ts & includes a healthy lifestyle as prevention. Rayo Healthcare has an interest in advancing & personalizing the preventive healthcare of individuals in society. One can contact his family physician for this service.

Further, Mr. Sanjay Parikh (CEO) of Rayo Healthcare Private Limited, has written a Book Title “THE SECRET OF QUALITY LIFESTYLE” which includes information for human internal organs & lifestyle information tips that educate individuals about the Health & quality lifestyle covered with 57 necessary health topics.

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