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Sushma to Congress, says she didn’t help Lalit Modi but his wife on humanitarian grounds

Today angry External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj criticised the Opposition for continuing to protest over the Lalit Modi scandal and delaying Parliament proceedings. Sushma said  “I challenge the Opposition to produce any evidence against me in the fiasco” .

“For the past few months I have been patiently waiting to reply on the allegations being made aganist me. I have been waiting to speak on the allegations before the session is over and I am not able to put my side before everyone.

“The allegations being made against me are baseless that I contacted the British government to give Lalit Modi travel. I never made any such request or recommendation to give Lalit Modi any travel document,” she added.

“The whole issue should have stopped with the UK government’s reply (to a question by The Economic Times) that Modi’s travel papers were issued to him in accordance with the rules. But the Opposition kept the matter alive,” Sushma said.