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Historic total solar eclipse will cast shadow over parts of US from Texas to Maine on April 8

The April 8 total solar eclipse will be the biggest astronomical event of the year. The eclipse is set to traverse North America, making its way over Mexico, the United States and Canada. Despite the excitement, it’s worth noting that Indians won’t be able to witness this particular eclipse. When the moon traverses in front […]

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ચંદ્ર પર બાપાનો સંદેશ પહોંચાડવા પાછળની દૂરંદર્શી શક્તિ તમામ રીતથી પૂજ્ય બ્રહ્મવિહારી સ્વામીજીના ગહન જ્ઞાન અને અતૂટ ભક્તિમાં સમાયેલી છે: જય પટેલ

યુએસએથી પાછા ફર્યા બાદ અમદાવાદમાં એક યાદગાર મુલાકાતને યાદ કરતા જય પટેલએ સ્વામીજીની સાથે થયેલી વાતચીતને યાદ કરી, જ્યાં તેમણે ટેક્નિકલ પહેલૂઓ વિશેષ રૂપથી અવકાશ સંશોધન પર તેમનું ધ્યાન કેન્દ્રિત કર્યું હતું. સ્વામીજીનો પ્રતિભાવ સુક્ષ્મ છતાંય ગહન કરનારો હતો. જેમાં આદરણીય ગુરુઓ, પરમ પૂજ્ય પ્રમુખ સ્વામી મહારાજ અને પરમ પૂજ્ય મહંત સ્વામી મહારાજના પવિત્ર વારસાને […]

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“Stability Of Indo-Pacific A Shared Concern,” PM Narendra Modi in US Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today reiterated that the Indo-Pacific region is a “shard concern” and outlined a vision that the region be “free from domination” — a comment that was seen by many as a reference to China. “Dark clouds of coercion and confrontation are casting their shadow in the Indo-Pacific. The stability of the […]

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ડો. કશ્યપ પટેલનું પુસ્તક ‘Between Life and Death’ મૃત્યુ અંગેનો અભિગમ બદલે છે

અમેરિકાના પ્રસિધ્ધ કેન્સર નિષ્ણાંતે લખેલું આ પુસ્તક જીવનની સાચી કથાઓ વ્યક્ત કરીને કેન્સરના દર્દીઓની અસામાન્ય હિંમતને બિરદાવે છે 13 ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૨૩, અમદાવાદ : અમેરિકાના પ્રસિધ્ધ કેન્સર નિષ્ણાંત ડો. કશ્યપ પટેલે લખેલું પુસ્તક ‘Between Life and Death’ જીવનમાં પરિવર્તન લાવવાની ક્ષમતા ધરાવે છે. આ પુસ્તકમાં મૃત્યુ અંગેના વિચારો અને અભિગમને વર્ણવતા જીવનના સાચા અનુભવો અને સંવાદો […]

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Eight children with scoliosis operated upon at GCS Hospital by USA surgeons

Ahmedabad: Eight children with scoliosis, an uncommon condition characterized by the lateral curvature of the spine, were operated upon at GCS Hospital in Ahmedabad in collaboration with a team of surgeons from the USA. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that can lead to significant pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, scoliosis can start out […]

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Gujarati youth of Kalol died illegally trying to enter US by crossing Wall on Mexico border

Illegal Migrant In America:Gujaratis do anything to get to America,there is news of deaths of Gujaratis crossing border illegally Gandhinagar: It is not uncommon for Gujaratis to go to America at any cost. Dust on the Incident of death of four people from the same family in Kalol’s Dindocha has hardly settled. A young man […]

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Prime Minister’s meeting with President of USA on sidelines of  G-20 Summit in Bali

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met President of USA, H.E. Mr. Joseph R. Biden on the margins of G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Bali today. They reviewed the continuing deepening of the India – US strategic partnership including cooperation in future oriented sectors like critical and emerging technologies, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, etc. They expressed satisfaction […]

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U.S. Mission in India Issues Highest-Ever Number of Student Visas in 2022

New Delhi – The U.S. Mission in India has issued a record-breaking 82,000 student visas in 2022 to date.  Indian students received more U.S. student visas than any other country.  The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi and four Consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai prioritized the processing of student visa applications from May to August […]

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US Exports of Mango and Pomegrant gets boost through GAICL of Gujarat government

Today Irradiation plant located at Bavla in Gujarat received approval from US Department of Agriculture and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS). This plant is GAICL Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd., a corporation of Government of Gujarat. It was established by Gujarat’s first and India’s fourth plant accredited by USDA-APHIS for export of Mangoes and Pomegranates. […]