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Lilavati Hospital promoter family launches Lilavati Pharmacy in Ahmedabad, to open 500 stores in five years

25th September 2023, Ahmedabad: The Mehta family, the promoter of the famous Lilavati Hospital, has embarked on a new mission to transform the healthcare landscape in India. The family is establishing a chain of “Lilavati Pharmacy” stores across the country, even as work on setting up Lilavati Hospital in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, is also progressing […]

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Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Grand Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration with Nashik’s All-Girl Dhol Band

Shilpa Shetty’s Ganesh Chaturthi Sparkles with Nashik’s All-Girl Dhol Band! Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Ganesh Chaturthi visarjan celebration had a new attraction. This year’s celebration apart was the inclusion of an all-girl Dhol band from Nashik, comprising 21 talented women proficient in traditional percussion instruments. Shilpa was seen delighted with her family.

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Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal’s The Great Indian Family Trailer launched

Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal released the trailer of his anticipated next film, YRF’s The Great Indian Family (TGIF) today and he feels the movie is a celebration of the spirit of Indian joint families! Vicky says, “TGIF is a simple, small-town story that will touch your hearts. Set in the heartland of India, it is […]

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Surat Rapist gets death penalty for rape and murder of 2 years old girl

In murder incident took place 5 months ago in Kapalgha village in Sachin area of Surat after a rape with 2-years-old children. In the incident, Surat Sessions Court has sentenced death penalty to rape accused. In Surat, On February 27, 2023 rape case , the Surat Sessions Court  has sentenced death penalty for raping and […]

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Rs 10 Lakhs Health Insurance Assistance under PMJAY scheme in Gujarat

New Beginning of Health Insurance Assistance in Gujarat. Assistance started from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs under PMJAY scheme. Health insurance assistance of Rs 10 lakhs has started from today. Bajaj Insurance Company officials paid a courtesy visit to Gujarat Health Minister Rushikesh Patel. Insurance assistance of 10 lakhs launched today. Minister met […]

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સુપ્રસિદ્ધ સંગીતકાર લીવીંગ લિજેન્ડ આનંદજી વીરજી શાહના 90 વર્ષની સંગીતમય ઉજવણી માટે અમદાવાદમાં કોન્સર્ટ યોજાયો

સુપ્રસિદ્ધ સંગીતકાર જોડી કલ્યાણજી આનંદજી ના આનંદજી વીરજી શાહ અમદાવાદના મહેમાન બન્યા હતા. તેમના જીવનના 90 વર્ષના સેલિબ્રેશન માટે અમદાવાદમાં રાજપથ ક્લબ ખાતે 25 મેગા મ્યુઝિક બેન્ડ સાથે તેમના ગીતોના સિગ્નેચર કલેક્શન વાળો મ્યુઝિકલ કોન્સર્ટ યોજાયો હતો. તેમને પોતાના ભાઈ સાથે મળીને કલ્યાણજી-આનંદજી તરીકે સંગીતની દુનિયામાં એક આગવી ઓળખ ઉભી કરી છે. આ બંને ભાઈઓએ […]

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“ફુલેકું” પારિવારીક ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મના નિર્માતા આલોક શેઠ અને વિજય શાહ, સ્ટારકાસ્ટ અમિત દાસ અને મંજરી મિશ્રા અમદાવાદની મુલાકાતે

AVK ફિલ્મ પ્રસ્તુત આગામી પારિવારીક ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ “ફુલેકું” ફિલ્મના નિર્માતા અને સ્ટારકાસ્ટ આવ્યા અમદાવાદની મુલાકાતે અમદાવાદ 18 મે 2023: 09 જૂન 2023ના રોજ રિલીઝ થનાર ફિલ્મ “ફુલેકું” ના લેખક અને નિર્દેશિત ઇર્શાદ દલાલ દ્વારા બખૂબી કરવામાં આવ્યું છે, ઇર્શાદ દલાલે અન્ય ઘણી ફિલ્મનું નિર્દેશન પણ કર્યું છે. માણેકબાગ ખાતે સ્થિત નોર્થ સાઉથ કોરિડોર તેના મહેમાનોને […]

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KRSF collaborates with VSSM to implement water management projects in 24 villages of Poshina taluka of Sabarkantha

Government of Gujarat’s Sujalam Sufalam Yojana partly funded the project; 17 crore litre water made available to approximately 64,000 people in these villages Ahmedabad, May03, 2023: Dr KR Shroff Foundation (KRSF), a decade-old institution dedicated towards uplifting underprivileged communities through education, recently announced its collaboration with, Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch (VSSM), to implement water management […]

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NAARITVA – An artistic interpretation of womanhood by Sima Patel

Sima Patel Ahmedabad based artist draws women of her visualisation on Canvas and with perfect strokes portrays women on the Theme of Naritva has a collection of 100 varied paintings in her kitty.While interacting with media Sima shared that her inborn talent which she left after schooling was resumed with support from her husband after […]