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Young generations of Sompura, to be trained in building giant temples

Young generations of Sompura community, specialized in building great and giant temples and monuments, to focus on integrating science and technology in their works

New and ancient technologies will be integrated in constructing temples
Youth of Sompura community will be encouraged and given guidance to become business entrepreneurs
The publication of books showcasing speciality and uniqueness of ancient temples and their case studies

Ahmedabad, November 17, 2019: The Sompura Community, known since ancient times for its great work in building giant and great Hindu temples and Jain Derashars in India and world over, has taken an initiative through ‘The Sompura Sthapatya Foundation’ to organize special programmes to provide needed, accurate guidance to its younger generations on this matter. The objective of the programmes is to spread awareness and understanding about the literatures of Indian arts, cultures and ancient monuments among the upcoming and young artists of Gujarat.

With a view to provide guidance and inspiration to develop business entrepreneurships and adoption of new technologies among the youths of the Sompura community, a plan is being  chalked out to organize special sessions by the experts of the subjects, educationists, professionals  and temple planners by special invitations from India as well as abroad. This would be helpful in taking care and maintenance of India’s centuries’ old and ancient temples and monuments and constructing new temples using the integration of modern technologies and science.

Speaking at a function organized by the Sompura Sthapatya Foundation here today, Mr. Rajeshbhai Sompura, Managing Trustee, said that the onus of preserving nation’s enriched and ancient heritage of arts and craftsmanship is lying on us and in particular with young generations. In today’s fast changing world, it is very essential to coordinate world’s ancient arts and craftsmanship with the latest technology as it would help in constructing strong, giant and great monuments and structures. It has been decided by the Sompura community to organize several varieties of programmes with an aim to introduce the works done through centuries by the community to its young generations. Through these programmes, the young generations would be provided guidance from the experts, availing of newer technologies, innovations and informative books. In addition to these, the books showing case studies of world famous monuments located at Mount Abu, Ranakpur, Modhera Sun Temple, Khajuraho, Konark, Swaminarayan Temples and others are also published.

It should be noted that in the history of world arts, the craft-men of Sompura community from Gujarat have created the unmatchable arts, monuments, and artifacts and famed their prestige in every nook and corner of the world. Through their unmatchable abilities and craftsmanship, the craft-men of Sompura community using their tools and hammers have turned the non-living stone objects to the soft, eye pleasing, and memorable monuments and now the young generations of the community will take baton of this heritage further.

A seminar on the subject, ‘Udaan Ab Soch Karo Blund … Ek Kadam Sapno ke Sang’ was also organized here today. In this seminar, the world renowned motivational speaker Mr. Sanjay Raval,through his inspirational speech, had thrown lights on building-up of society and nation. In the coming days, the plans are on-foot to release a granth (book) about the society and organizing cultural programmes; and conducting a tour to world famous monuments of Khajuraho.