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Habeas Corpus petition in Gujarat HC by father of missing girl from Nityanand Ashram

Today in Ahmedabad, Habeas Corpus petition has been filed by father Janardan Sharma of Nitya Nandita Sharma in Gujarat High Court. The controversy of missing girl from Swami Nityanand Ashram.

Elder sister Lopa Mudra communicated through social media with police. Lopa Mudra made allegations on her father of looting Ashram money.

Father Janardan blames Ashram authority of keeping his daughter in ban. Nitya Nandini has said she is happy in Ashram through social media.

Janardan Sharma made lot of allegations on Ashram. Compliant by Sharma was made with a motive to meet his daughter, which is allowed as per him by Ashram authorities.