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‘A Feast of Assam’ festival of Assamese delicacy held in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Novotel Ahmedabad brings to you ‘A Feast of Assam’ from 15th to 24th of November.

The festival is designed to provide food connoisseurs an ideal opportunity to indulge in authentic flavours from Assam and to savour the best of delicacies curated by chefs from the region.
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A Feast of Assam menu will feature vegetarian dishes such as black daal khar, sour winter herbs curry, bhindi with mustard paste, oldilor bhaji, pitha, crispy fried baby potatoes and black rice pudding among others specially curated with ingredients from the beautiful land of Brahmaputra.

The exhaustive menu features diverse dishes from Assam, and has been meticulously curated to offer a rich aroma and sumptuous experience of the taste of Assamese food to the guests. We look forward to serving guests at ten days of fun, festivity, and food.