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42,000 bottles of cough syrup seized from Ahmedabad, 3 arrested from Patan

Today 42,000 bottles of cough syrup in 100 ML bottles were seized from Behrampura area of Ahmedabad.

3 persons were arrested from Patan.

The stock of cough syrup worth Rs 47,00,000 was brought from Solan district of Himachal Pradesh to Gujarat.

cough syrup stock
cough syrup stock

License from food and drugs department is needed for supply of such drugs. Allegedly cough syrups are used as supplement of drugs by some people therefore license has been necessitated.

cough syrup by biogenetic drugs pvt ltd
cough syrup by biogenetic drugs pvt ltd

Using local expired license of one state stock of codeine cough syrup was sold in other state.

Joint operation of raid was carried out by food and drugs department with NCB Narcotics Control Bureau.

Stock of drugs of cough syrup was brought by Biogenetics drugs private limited.

License of 25 medical shops have been cancelled by food and drugs department.

Advantage of less complication in licensin small town/village was preferred by drug peddlers.

Investigating agencies will probe on to whom the stock was to be sold.