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48 new cases of Delta plus variant of Corona ; 2 cases in Gujarat

Union Ministry of Health today gave details of a new case of the DeltaPlus variant of Coronavirus, which is bothering everyone. The figures given by Ministry of Health at a press conference in New Delhi is indirectly worrying for Gujarat. So far, 48 new cases of Delta plus variant of Corona have been reported in the country, out of which 2 patients were from Gujarat.

However, good thing about it is that both of these patients have recovered. Of the two cases, one was from Surat and the other one from Vadodara. A press conference of the secretaries of Union Ministry of Health revealed that 48 cases of Coronavirus Delta Plus variant have been registered in 18 districts of country. Maharashtra, which is barely facing the second wave, has the highest number of 20 cases of Delta plus, while the first death of a patient of this variant has also been reported in Maharashtra.

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