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Agricultural Relief Package for farmers of Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh and Porbandar by Gujarat government

By Darshana Jamindar

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel announces agricultural relief package for farmers of Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh and Porbandar affected by heavy rains.

State Govt announces agricultural relief package against crop loss due to heavy rains in Kharif-September 2021.

In agricultural relief package, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has adopted approach of providing assistance on a generously keeping in view the crop loss of farmers in the affected areas.

Considering the situation that arose due to heavy rains in Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh and Porbandar districts in September 2021, farmers of the villages in these affected areas will get benefit of this relief package.

Farmers of such affected villages who have suffered a loss of 33(thirty three) percent or more in their crops will be given a maximum of Rs 13,000 assistance will be paid per 2 (two) hectares.

In the assistance as per non-irrigated crop as per SDRF norms up to a maximum of 2 (two) hectares per hectare Rs. 6,800 will be given.
The remaining difference is Rs. 6,200 will be provided from the state budget within a maximum limit of 2 (two) hectares.

On the basis of land occupancy as per SDRF standards Rs5 (five) thousand is payable Even if the amount less than and the difference will have to be paid from the state budget.

To avail the benefit of the relief package, Online Application has to be made on Digital Gujarat Portal from 25th October to 20th November. No fee have to be paid for the application.

Affected farmer wishing to avail benefit has to apply to TDO (Taluka Development Officer) in the prescribed form of relief package with 8-A exract, Talati plantation record, 7-12 extract, Aadhaar Number, copy of Bank Passbook with Bank account details, Mobile number as well as in case of joint account holders NOC with signature of other account holders.
Assistance will be available only once per Aadhaar number. If you do not have an Aadhaar number, you will need to submit the required documents as per the provisions of Aadhaar Act.

In case of death of account holder, his heirs will have to submit succession certificate. Only one heir will be eligible to get assistance. Other heirs and other account holders will have to give an affidavit of consent in this regard.

Assistance will also be provided to the farmers of land acquired under the Forest Authority Charter and also to affected farmers cultivating in the settlement villages of forest area by presenting required supporting evidence.

Government, co-operative or institutional landholders will not be eligible for the assistance.

However Gujarat Congress spokesman Jaysinh Parmar has criticised the relief package.

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