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Ahmedabad Crime Branch arrested 50 rumormongers

Today, in remote areas, rumors of thieves, robbers attacking in night has taken political angle. Given the seriousness of the police have been more vigilant. After Saturday’s incident,of Dahegaam in Harsoli village youth tied to poll and beating, police has started arresting rumormongers. As a result, Ahmedabad Crime Branch arrested 50 persons from outskirts of Ahmedabad. These guys through WhatsApp messages in groups had spread rumours of thieves and robbers having entered into their areas.

Crime Branch kept 50 arrested guy for 8 hours in police custody and made them message into their each groups that’The message sent by me was baseless. No thieves, robbers or terrorists have struck. This was just a rumor. I have spread rumour and therefore police arrested me. So donot spread rumours or else you will be arrested by police’. (sources) . ‘