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Ahmedabad Crime Branch arrested two persons for Black Marketing of Remdesivir injections

Corona epidemic has spread across the country. Government is making all kinds of arrangements and efforts being made to save people. However, in current circumstances, Corona patients are in dire need of oxygen and Remdesivir injections and some of them are even black marketing them.

A similar case has been registered by Crime Branch Ahmedabad In which, a young lady and a young man have been caught black-marketing Remedesivir injections. Meanwhile, in investigation shocking thing has ome out. These people were black marketing injections as well as playing games with lives of patients.

According to information received, these people were selling Remedesivir injections in ready-made form which cannot be done, as doctors prepare the liquid by pouring it in powder and inject it to patient in 4 hours and if it takes more than 4 hours, person may die.

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