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Ahmedabad: Metro Court ordered strict penalty of 6 months jail; Rs 10K penalty in 16 food adulteration cases

In 16 cases of food adultration in  Ahmedabad city Metropolitan Court has taken stern action and strict punishment against shopkeepers and vendors indulged in food adulteration. The cases in which food adulteration was proved, Metro Court ordered strict penalty of jail term for 6 months and penalty of Rs 10,000 against vendors for food adulteration of Ghee, Edible Oil, sweets and Mango Juice. Based on order from Supreme Court, metro court compared adulteration as demon.

During Diwali vendors in food business do mixing and play with health of their consumer. Businessmen do all types of mixing in food ingredients and use sub standard quality of ingredients theirby earn handsome profit. Realizing the health concern court has imposed strict penalty on such vendors.