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Ahmedabad: patient became serious after wrong blood transfusion in Krishna Shalby Hospital

Today in Ahmedabad , at Krishna Shalby Hospital an incident of gross negligence by hospital staff has come up.

One lady patient, Kamaljeet Kaur became serious after getting Wrong blood transfused to her.

Kamaljeet has been admitted to ICU Intensive Care Unit. Immediately after transfusion of first bottle of blood, she started shivering. Even, patient told about her blood group being O+ve.

Patients’ blood group is O +ve, where as she was transfused with AB +ve blood. The Blood was transfused by a junior doctor and in absence of any senior doctor. One nurse was sacked in place of doctor.

Blunder continued as one after another all the blood bottles with wrong blood group were supplied by hospital staff to the patient.

No enquiry from the hospital management has been made in the case, till now.

As per source.