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Ahmedabad to get New Traffic Enforcement System with New 14 Traffic Police Stations

New Traffic Enforcement System for Ahmedabad city with 14 Traffic Police Stations will be made. It will help tackle Ahmedabad city’s heavy traffic jams and accidents. Gujarat government has Home Ministry has announced this in 1 June GR.

New Traffice Enforcement will have additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) to Police Constable and new vehicles. Traffic and road accident related information will be available from the system. No new buildings will be alloted but new traffic system will be established in existing. Rs 2.42 crore alloted for purchas eof new vehicles. In new Police recruitment 337 women Constables and  282 Head women Constables will be appointed.

This Traffic Enforcement in other cities like Surat with 300 and  Vadodara with 100 Police force will be adopted.