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AMC’s Draft budget of Rs 10,801 crores of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for financial year 2024-25 presented

Today Draft budget of Rs 10,801 crores of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for the year 2024-25 presented.

AMC’s Draft Budget 2024-25 AMC Commissioner presented the budget before Standing Committee
5 important points taken into consideration
Highlights of planning done in AMC’s Draft Budget 2024-25

  • 15.65 km long Kharikat Canal Development Phase-II planned at a cost of Rs1230 crores
  • 4.5 km from Indira Bridge to Narmada Canal Road. Planning of Riverfront Phase-3 on both West and East sides at a cost of 1 thousand crores
  • 250 km of road regrade, 50 km of mico resurfacing and 100 km of dust free roads totaling 400 km of roads. 790 crores will be built
  • 5 iconic roads will be constructed at a cost of Rs 135 crores with parking, walkways with green belts, seating arrangement, EV charging facilities
  • Under Low Garden precinct development, road development around Low Garden is planned at a cost of 75 crores
  • Planning to build city entry gates on all four sides of the road entering city at a cost of Rs 15 crores, considering Olympic-2036 City master plan at a cost of Rs5 crores, in which construction of roads, drainage, water and traffic is planned at a cost of Rs 45 crores, various TPs during the year.
    TP of 67 kms, is planned to open roads and build roads. This will include newly incorporated areas along with Hanspura, Chiloda, Bhadaj, Makarba, Sarkhez, Kathwara, Kamod and Nikol.

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