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Amethi: Rahul Gandhi embattled with Smriti Irani

Today, Smriti Irani,BJP in Amethi, attacking Rahul Gandhi, Congress declared that Rahul was ‘missing’ from his constituency, snidely adding, “I am glad, at least, Rahul is following my footsteps, the people of Amethi will get to see him.” She also criticised Rahul over his pet food park project saying,”The less said the better. He could have brought in benefits long ago when he was in power.” For good measure, Irani added that three generations of the Congress had only been making promises and Amethi could have been developed a long back.

In his new avatar where he can come up with a jibe at the drop of a hat, Rahul retorted, “I hope she’s getting the food park back.”
Amid verbal attacks between Rahul and Smriti have been ongoing for the good part of a year now. Despite having lost the Amethi seat in the general elections, Irani has shown that she’s more than willing to take the attack to Rahul’s home turf when needed.