Breaking News Business Headline News Top Stories to launch Globally in Mobile World Congress, Barcelona!

Mumbai: In probably the first of its kind move, India’s number One and World’s number Three Astrology portal, is to globally launch its online video offering, – World’s First 4K Zodiac Channel, at the Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona, Spain this Monday.

Mobile World Congress, a global event, known to attract 2000+Exhibitors and 100,000+ Professionals from the world over, would witness this unveiling on the opening day of the event, February 22. Announcing his plans, CEO and Founder, Hemang Arunbhai Pandit said, “We are super excited at this opportunity. Video has begun capturing the imagination of the people in the past 5 years and with the advent of inexpensive smartphones with great cameras, the market is bound to explode. We wanted to take a niche space and expand. Like we have always been, we intend to lead this space too.”

Hemang plans to capture the market opened by Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine and a host of sites who  have been aggressively promoting the video content and been getting tremendous responses. Numbers to the north of millions have not only uploaded videos but have also begun actively consuming content. “Astrology is a 4000 year old science. At least 70% of the global population believe in Astrology and its related sciences in some form or the other. This gives us a gargantuanaudience of 5.5 billion and tremendous options to develop content and services,” adds Hemang.

Also among the firsts is that Astroflix is the World’s first 4K Zodiac Channel. “All our content is in 4K quality keeping in mind the changing times and hardware which allows for easy access. We would be offering Annual Predictions, Monthly, Weekly and Daily predictions for all the Zodiac signs. Besides, we would also be offering relevant content which will benefit and aid the lives of the viewers,” explains Hemang. Next in the offing would be Vastu, Tarot, Chinese Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui and other such sciences.

General content on would be free to watch and can be watched on the and platforms besides the Youtube channel. However, within this offering too Astroflix has innovated and plans to offer personalized daily predictions in 4K quality at nominal subscription rates.  These predictions customized to individuals will be downloadable on a daily basis and benefit the user helping them prepare their day in advance and benefit from the crest and troughs of life.

“The excitement is palpable as all beta testing has been done and we want to make India and its rich cultural heritage visible to the world and accessible to their benefit. We hope our launch and eventual success of this science will bring pride to India and give it the position it deserves,” hopes Hemang.

The content for Astroflix is powered by highly competent astrologers of who have been especially handpicked & trained by the master Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla. GaneshaSpeaks has been for the past 13 years catering to more than 130 million unique visitors on a monthly basis with a strong team of 700 employees 500 among them being Astrologers. Today, GaneshaSpeaks has a customer base in more than 160 plus countries.


About is India’s number one and world’s third best astrology portal. The predictions by the portal bear the remarkable accuracy rate of about 85%-90%. Launched in 2003 by Mr. Bejan Daruwalla, a veteran astrologer of international repute, the astrology giant today attracts over 5 million visitors to its web and Telecom facilities. More than 400 astrologers from its five call centres provide 24 x 7 guidance and remedial solutions on career, business, finance, relationships, etc. in 10 Indian languages. Incidentally, is also the world’s first astrology portal to publish books in print and online formats on Amazon’s Kindle and has applications on iOS and Android platforms. strives to be an able friend, Astrologer and guide to its patrons, and stands for accuracy, reliability and trust, and works towards making a positive difference to the lives of its customers.