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Bhagwan Ram’s birthdate according to present calendar? answered in Maulik Bhatt’s book

What is Bhagwan Ram’s birthdate according to present calendar? Maulik Bhatt’s book has all answers about Shree Ram’s time line

Ahmedabad, 21 February 2022 , Cosmo Research Foundation’s managing trustee Maulik Bhatt’s book ‘Shree Ram- Cosmological Timeline’ was released today at Psychological Department, Gujarat University in inspirational presence of many dignitaries.

Talking about the hardwork behind this book, Maulik Bhatt said, “In Ramayan, Shree Ram had to live for 14 years in forest. For me, it took 13 years behind research work of this book. Today I feel as if my Vanvaas is over.”

Electronic Engineer Maulik Bhatt said, “I am basically man of Mathematics. I don’t know Samskrut. I got lot of co-operation from Prof. Dr.Mayuribahen Bhatia, director of Maharshi PanineeSamskrutSamvardhan Kendra, Gujarat University and Pro. Dr. Kamlesh Choksi, director of Bhasha Sahitya Bhavan, Gujarat University. I took their guidance as late as 2-3 am.

In the book, astronomical events that happned in time of Ramayana, are solved on basis of Soorya Siddhant with help of original Valmeeki Ramayan. There are eight chapters (kaand). NASA software was used but it seems there are flaws in it. Not giving only his mathematical and astronomical conjecture, Maulik Bhatt has given complete explaination in ‘VivaranKaand’. Bhagwan Ram’s picture made of Nakshatras is beautifully displayed on cover of book.

Book release function was started with Deep Pragatya. Dignitaries on stage were welcome with bouquets. Special dignitaries present in audience, such as doctor, state vice president of Brahma Samaj, family members of Maulik Bhatt were too welcome. People greeted book release with Jay Shree Ram slogan.

Addressing gathering, Dr. Mayuri Bhatia told, “Maulik Bhatt always come before me with Shishya Bhaav. Vishwa Vidyala is where you can have all roads to learn knowledge of whole world. Thus concept of Vishwa Vidyalaya has turned true. Vice ChancellorShree Himanshu Pandya gave all freedom and co-operation. Whenever we discussed I told to consult Choksi sir. Maulik Bhatt has great study of Jatak Chandrika and Siddhants (rules) of Varahmihir. We discussed a lot. We discussed Surya Siddhant. We thought we must take it to people. Soorya Siddhant puts astronomical events in context of today’s Gregorian calendar. As per this, what is exact date of Shree Ram’s birth? It should be given.

As Uttarayan shows movement. Ramayan shows movement of living life. It shows Shree Ram’s movement from Ayodhya to Lanka and Lanka to Ayodhya. Maulik Bhatt has come to conclusion of Shree Ram’s date on basis of astronomical Siddhant and Soorya Siddhant considering events like war, death of Ravan.

Pujya Shastri Narayan Chintan Swami introducing Maulik Bhatt told that today is Gujarat language’s day. Before 2.5 years or three years, I came Gujarat University to learn Astrology and Vaastu. I am doing Ph.D. on ancient science. If one is practising astrology, he would be told, you must be doing this business and you have no other business expertise.

Maulik Bhatt’s maternal grand father’s ashram is at bank of Narmada river. He got Samskars there. He has more than 2,000 tv shows on his name. He has been predicting about stock exchange, football matches. Then he came in teaching field. Oriental Institute has more than 2,400 manuscripts of Ramayan. Maulik Bhatt wrote book on basis of these manuscripts.

On the occasion, Dr. Kamlesh Choksi explained importance of Bharatiya traditions and heritage that if you want to know about today, you must know which the day was yesterday, otherwise all will vanish. When we do dharma karya, we took Sankalpa. What is that? It gives remembrance of yesterday. How many years have been passed? Which month is there? At earth, lot of changes are happening, but there is no change above in the sky. Maulikbhai says so.

Vakyapadiya isAcharya Bhartuhari’s book. We need to have knowledge of time period as well as places. In astrology, there is importance of time and place both. There are eight Kaands (chapters) like in Ramayan. First Kaand is SrotKaand. There are attempts to find Srot (source). Then there is NirnayKaand. Not only birthdate, but when Ram was given sacred thread, his marriage date are also decided according to present calendar. Third Kaand is PranaaliKaand. To come to conclusion, we must have a system. There is SaadhanKaand.It is necessary to make information standardise, verified. Then there is SavadhikKaand. Last Kaand is TrutiKaand. How much attempts have been made to know Shree Ram’s birth date and what were errors in those attempts?

He told, “I am 61 years old, but in real, I am billion years old. In Sankalp path, we say, we are in Sapta (seventh) Manvantar. However, today, those who ask for proof are in majority. We decided Shree Ram’s birthdate and now we have to decide birthdates of Shree Krushna, PujyaShankracharya and so on.”

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