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BJP Chief Amit Shah addresses a rally in Lonavala,Maharashtra

Today, BJP President while addressing in Maharashtra criticised Congress and demanded account on what they have done all this years. Highlights of Amit Shah’s speech is as follows:

  • What did Congress do in ten years? Scams of land, tanks, scam of CWG, coal scam, ISRO scam.
  • Price of food items etc are expected to come down in the month of October
  • PM started “Make in India” whereby he increased employment. Inflation is coming down
  • For the first time, giving a befitting response to Pak over Kashmir issue was done by PM Modi
  • For starters, we now have a PM who speaks and is heard
  • But we have no problem in stating what we have done, people see what we have done
  • In 3 months our opposition asked what we have done? People who never gave a list of what they did for so many years