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BJP President Amit Shah chargesheeted for alleged hate speech in Muzaffarnagar during elections

News by Darshana Jamindar

Today, president Amit Shah getting chargesheeted for a hate speech made by him during General Elections by the local police in Muzaffarnagar, which was hit by communal violence last year. As per reports, based on video clips of BJP President Shah’s speech delivered during April he has been booked by the Uttar Pradesh police.Even, Congress had made complaint to the Election Commission and sought action against Shah on his hate speech in UP.

Shah while Addressing Muzaffarnagar, Shah had reportedly said that “this election is about voting out the government that protects and gives compensation to those who killed Jats. It is about ‘badla’ (revenge) and protecting ‘izzat’ (honour)”. Shah was accompanied BJP legislator Suresh Rana, who was an accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots in which over 60 people, mostly Muslims, had died, while thousands became homeless.