hardik patel on exit poll
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BJP will not form government says Hardik Patel

Today Congress member and Patidar leader Hardik Patel sharply reacted on current Exit Poll 2019 result in front of media. Hardik said this country has 125 crore population and for Exit Poll result only sample of 4 to 5 lak people is taken, nearly 50 crore people are voting in our country.

Hardik firmly added that BJP is not forming the government, as people are very dissatisfied with them over issues like employment to youth, corruption, water scarcity, security to women, black money. Their anti incumbency have played role this time.

In 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Congress will get 140 to 145 seats and form the government. in Gujarat, also in rural areas people have done voting with full force for Congress. Atleast in Gujarat, Congress will get seats between 8 to 13.  Youth, farmers and women are unhappy with government.

BJP knows something is wrong, because after exit poll results no tweet has come from Modi or Shah said Patidar leader.

Congress has firm plans to improve condition in Gujarat, they are constantly working on how to resolve issues of Gujarat. They have plan to give Rs 72,000 to poor people, improve condition of farmers and other issues.

On 23rd May things will be very clear said Patel.


Congress leaders said we have seen surprising results after 2004 election, this time people have voted for change, so surprise will be there in results.