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BRTS bus accident near Dharnidhar derasar leaves a lady injured

Today morning in Ahmedabad city at around 7:30 am, a lady was injured after being knocked down by BRTS bus near Dharnidhar. Injured lady has been hospitalized.

Due to BRTS bus accident daily commuters including office goers, students and other passengers face hardship.

People including ladies going to drop their kids to school and other going to derasar gathered at Dharnidhar, after the accident. Driver of the bus fled the site.

Lady and people at the accident site blame that BRTS bus drivers are doing rash driving within the BRTS track and outside of it. They have demanded to build a bump at Dharnidhar cross road for their protection.

Angry people stopped nearly 15 BRTS buses, to get a permanent solution to speeding BRTS bus passing from that route.

After getting news of BRTS bus accident, Incharge of Paldi police station and BRTS officials rushed to the site.