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Coronavirus vaccine trial to start in Ahmedabad Sola Civil Hospital

Entire world is eagerly awaiting for a vaccine to fight Coronavirus epidemic. Most of the vaccines are still in trial phase, one of which is Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin trial which will start from Thursday morning at Sola Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. Regarding begining of trial of vaccine at the hospital in Ahmedabad, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that in primary selection of youngsters who are perfectly healthy and fit is being made for the trial of Coronavirus vaccine. At present Ahmedabad 500 dose trials will be given to selected fit and healthy youngets. Two dose to the youngsters will be given in a month’s time.


Nitin Patel further added a team of medical experts from Health Department of the Government of India will soon arrive in Ahmedabad to impart all kinds of training related to vaccines to our Sola Civil doctors. Under the supervision of this medical experts, the committee appointed for vaccination and other doctors will be trained and equipped to meet all challenges and criteria. Volunteers conducting the vaccine trial will be given two doses of the vaccine per month. they will be monitored continuously after giving the vaccine for changes in their health parameters and its side effects.

According to Dy CM Patel, trials of the vaccine will be conducted in various states across the country for a year. In Gujarat also, all reports will be prepared of testing this vaccine on the people living in the villages including cities, on completely healthy, volunteers and health workers.
A panel member of vaccine trial committee told that a trial vaccine was currently being kept in the high security zone. The vaccine will be given to volunteers from tomorrow morning at the hospital. Volunteers are being sought by providing a number will be announced today to volunteers for the trial vaccine. List of volunteers will be prepared.
This is not a vaccine but a trial vaccine, so there may be other side effects, as per source said of vaccine trial team. This trial vaccine will only be given to healthy people before the vaccine. Necessary paper work will be done after the consent of the volunteer. He will then be checked for any other illness or serious illness history.
Once the volunteer is identified, he or she will be vaccinated with injection just like any other vaccine. He will wait in trial room for an hour and will be permitted to go home, if there is no reaction. If any volunteer wish to be under observation in hospital will be thoough off. Same procedure will be followed for re-trial after 7 days.

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