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COVID19 cases in Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara

Five positive cases of coronas in Gujarat, announcement of the Principal Secretary of Health, Gandhinagar: Coronation has also appeared in Gujarat. Gujarat Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi today has announced that there were a total of five corona positive cases registered in the state. He said that in Ahmedabad, two corona-positive cases have been registered in Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot. Earlier, Health Minister Nitin Patel has said that there are some positive cases in Gujarat. Three coroners are suspected in Ahmedabad Rajkot Vadodara Gujarat. Out of the 150 samples taken, 5 are report-positive, 22 are yet to be reported. Regarding the positive case of corona in Gujarat, Jayanti Ravi said that the condition of corona positive patients is stable. Corona patients were not placed on a ventilator. All of these victims have come from abroad recently. The age of all these patients is below 36 years.

Samples of 150 suspects were taken. Of those, five have come out positive, 22 are yet to come. While 123 reports have come negative. 555 passengers have arrived from abroad Of these, 68 are under observation and 492 are in the home quarantine. Those who are suspicious will be stamped. In addition, those who came out yesterday will be door-to-door survey. Corona virus positive comes in Vadodara young man returning from Spain The health of a young man returning from Spain to Vadodara was screened at Saiyaji Hospital And was admitted to the isolation ward. Where his Corona virus report has come out positive. The 39-year-old, who recently lived in the Makarapura area of ​​Vadodara city, recently traveled to Spain. He returned to Vadodara, where he was suffering from cold and coughing for 3 days. And he was rushed to Sayaji Hospital late Tuesday night. The hospital admitted to the isolation ward after seeing the corona’s primary symptoms.Jayanti Ravi, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat: All the 5 people (who have tested positive for #COVID19 ) were initially on ventilator but now they all are stable. They were admitted to Isolation ward based on primary symptoms.