heat wave
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Daily 250 people affected due to Heat Wave in Gujarat

Heat wave in Gujarat has affected many citizens recently. In most of the cities of Gujarat, temperature has crossed 40 degrees Celsius.

Heat wave
Heat wave

According to Meteorological department, effect of heat wave is spreading in the state. Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, has been experiencing scorching heat for past few days. Due to which cases of heat stroke problems are increasing. A number of cases like abdominal pain, diarrhea-vomiting or chest pain and fainting due to dizziness increase in Ahmedabad. More than 250 people got sick from heat every day in Ahmedabad. 108 Ambulance most frequently reported cases of abdominal pain and dizziness.

The meteorological department has forecast severe heat. Unnecessary outings should be avoided to avoid effect of sun stroke. The elderly, young children and pregnant women should take special care.

People should drink plenty of water, buttermilk, lemon juice and ORS during the day in hot sun. they should refrain from eating outside food in scorching heat. Weather has also forecast a decrease in heat as wind speeds increase. Meteorological department has advised people to be careful to protect themselves from rising heat. In which people are advised not to drink cold drinks, not to go out in the heat, advised to wear clothes that cool the body.

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