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Dhabudi Maa booked in Pethapur police station for threat to kill reporter

Dhabudi Maa alias Dhanji Naranbhai Oad had applied for anticipatory bail in Gandhinagar court due to fear of arrest.

Today based a threat to kill reporter , a complaint in Pethapur police station against Dhabudi maa has been lodged.

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fir copy
In Ahmedabad city, today notice by police  was pasted on a rented house by Dhanji patel in Hathijan area, as he was not found at his house. During his religious meeting he had flown drone with permission from the authority.
Dhanji clarified that I will remove chunari if 2 lakh people will request me. I have not told anyone to stop taking medicine and if the person has met before 3 years he should give me proof. I donot call anyone added dhanji.
More than 2 lakh followers used to come to Dhabudi maa. His 4 disciples are running his fraud business. One Harshad Patel of Anand, who is having 4 bank accounts, whose sona and daughter are staying in Canada. His money is coming from abroad and wife Sonal is hold religious meeting on every Thursday. Another disciple Bhavesh Patel is Dhanji’s driver. Bhavesh and Harshad both are fast friends. Bhavesh also receives money from abroad. Bharat Leuva is transferring money in account of Sanjay Darji. Money gets transferred into Sanjay Darji’s wife. More than 17 crores have been pumped into 7 bank accounts.

Dhanji is running a YouTube channel also. Money earned from Youtube channel are transferred into Dhanji’s account.

As per source, Dhanji and his wife purchase 8 to 10 lakh worth of gold.  Wife is wearing 15 to 18 lakh worth of gold.

His Mumbai based lady follower has blamed of money being collected by Dhanji. She has sent an audio clip of it. Lady had demanded a receipt for cash deposit of Rs 50,000 from disciple Bharat.

Disciples believed that Dhabudi maa resolves all problems of poor people.

Dhanji was running business of digital income. He had made a rule that every disciple has to attend his meeting for 5 Sundays, the only he can meet Dhanji on 6th Sunday.

As per media source.