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FAN Review: Shahrukh Khan has given his Blood, Sweat and Tears, Maneesh Sharma’s Direction is unbelievable

Director : Maneesh Sharma

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav / Aryan Khanna, Waluscha de Sousa, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Sayani Gupta

Rating :  4 Stars

Fan Review 1

Finally, the wait is over for all SRK fans. Shah Rukh Khan has stepped out of his comfort zone with Maneesh Sharma-directed Fan. Fan is a action-thriller melodrama. A far cry from his romantic image, Fan takes us back to the days of Anjaam and Darr when SRK played obsessive lover/stalker.
Fan Review 3

Fan’s story line is simple. You can get it right from the trailer. SRK plays a Mumbai megastar called Aryan Khanna, obviously modelled on himself – and incidentally using genuine footage in which he waves to hordes of screaming admirers from the balcony of his luxury home. In Fan, the actor plays movie star Aryan Khanna – obviously based on his own persona with even shots done outside his luxurious Mumbai home. He also plays Gaurav, a creepy obsessed fan with prosthetics and brilliant white teeth who is Delhi guy and owns an internet cyber cafe and wins a local talent contest with his Aryan tribute act.

Fan Review 4
Guarav’s obsessive fan-love turns to fan-hate when he feels his devotion to be slighted and then travels around the world, staging crimes in all the cities where Aryan is on a singing tour, knowing that his erstwhile hero will get the blame. Gaurav will then travel around the world, following on Aryan’s footsteps, and staging crimes whose blame will be pinned on his erstwhile god. By casting himself in both roles, Khan could have intended a complex satire of celebrity narcissism. So How these two become enemies and how it goes by the end of climax, you must watch it in theaters to know all the secrets. Shah Rukh Khan has given another extraordinary performance For this Film. The movie revolves completely around the two characters and SRK just nails them.

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The film also stars Waluscha D’Souza and Sachin Pilgaonkar’s daughter, Shriya. The film lacks any songs and plays like a thriller. Movie also lags a little in the first half, but it will not disappoint you in the climax. The plot of the movie is well drafted for each kind of audience. We can say that SRK’s movie is one man show. On the whole, Fan is a different film, and if you miss it, it’s your bad. Fan is must watch for all this weekend.

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