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FloWordFest event held by FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter

Ahmedabad, March 04, 2022: In today’s fast-paced digital age, Gujarat University at FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Today FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter with objective of inculcating habit of reading books among citizens of the city and especially among the youth and students and providing a strong platform to encourage emerging writers, poets and literary figures. Two-days ‘FloWordFest’ was inaugurated at Gujarat University. The festival is also organized to display a wide range of books and literature in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages.

On the first day of program, various events were held including book release and presentation of knowledge report on topics related to creative writing. Talk by Ravinder Singh on Digital Content Creation, Bollywood Badh – On Camera Off Camera by Bhavna Somaiya, Yash Vyas and Dr. Prashant Bhimani on mental health awareness by Revanta Sarabhai as well as recitation of poems by Ashish Bagrecha etc.

Nanditaben Munsha, Chairperson of Flo Ahmedabad, was enthusiastic about organizing the event, and she brought together well-known writers and artists as well as entrepreneurs from various fields. She hoped to create more awareness through such programs in the coming years, involving the people of city.
Reacting to FICCI WordFest, Flo Ahmedabad LiteFest Head Bijal Shah said, “We have received overwhelming response from those interested in such an initiatives. For the first time, a Literature Festival is being held in multiple languages ​​and I believe that literature is not limited to any one language. Literature is the documentation of our time in addition to one’s imagination. I hope that the pioneers of literature will continue to be an inspiration and guide for our next generation.
Various events will also be held in today’s WordFest, in which dignitaries including Koral Dasgupta, Abhishek Jain, Ester David, Dr.Nimit Ojha, Priya Narayan, Utkarsh Patel, Kevin Missal will be present and they will express their views and discuss various aspects related to literature. The performance of music by Mira Desai with Raag Sedhi will definitely create excitement among the people.
Authors are also displaying and selling their books at the Gujarat Publishers Book Stall at FICCI Flo WordFest, which will create Vocal for Local opportunity for budding and established writers.

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